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Herschel challenges old ideas on star formation

400 specialists at ESTEC

Balloon campaign continues in Kiruna

10 May 2010

Diabsat operation gets underway on 17 May

11 May 2010

Oil spill under close watch as charter enters 10th year

04 june 2010

The 10 FIFA World Cup venues viewed by Spot Image

The 10 FIFA World Cup stadiums

From the north to the south of South Africa, here are the 10 stadiums that are hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Credits: KARI 2010 - Distribution Spot Image (Click on the images to download them).

CoRoT discovers 7 new planets

14 june 2010

New European cargo spacecraft set to fly by year-end

23 June 2010

IASI tracks tropospheric ozone

15 July 2010

Three Chinese cities

Picard returns 1st image of Sun

28 July 2010

Organic matter would have a tough time on Mars

3 August 2010